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Another great game from Earn to Die Series. At the end of the original Earn to Die, our hero had thought he was off on his way to salvation. Unfortunately, it seems he forgot to check his gas gauge and there are still zombies in his way. On the bright side, he has a whole new fleet of vehicles to customize and a whole mess of undead out there to introduce to his tire treads.Earn to Die 3 is an update to Toffee-style hit, and has all the post-apocalyptic stunt action you could hope for, without the danger of infected bites.The zombies are back! Unlock and upgrade vehicles as you drive your way through countless zombie hordes. Controls - Arrows or WASD to move, Ctrl or X to boost. Play Earn to Die 3 on JollyMouse!

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Action Adventure Driving Physics

Rating: 4.0/5